Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How & Where Do I Find More Job Leads?

I'd like to think of myself as having a lot of initiative, creating my own luck, and being pretty good at networking. Often, my hard work, optimism, and drive pays off in job leads, but since I'm looking for the RIGHT job, it's been a long journey. I'm curious what else I could be doing.

Despite never having any background or experience in recruiting, I was offered a four-month contract job as a senior coordinator which I happily took. The great thing about the job is I learned what it's like to be on the other side. I loved being a cheerleader for the company and helping people get hired. One of the unexpected surprises was that once my contract ended all the recruiters that I worked with said I did well and offered to help me with my job hunt too! They are all extremely gracious and kind! Herein also lies my difficulty in what else I could be doing - when I have several recruiters/HR people who are keeping their ears open for me half my work is done. The entertainment industry is so small that these people also know everyone else in recruiting or HR too. I check in with them periodically to see if they've seen the latest movie we both helped staff or how my job hunt is going or if they'll be in LA soon so we can go to lunch, etc. So I'm covered at the central hub.

Because I've been working for 9 years now, I've grown my network steadily. It consists of former bosses, co-workers, friends at work and in my personal life, friends of friends, professional network groups I'm a part of, anyone through my volunteering activities, temp agencies, and people I'm a client to as well - my former personal trainer, my photographer, etc. I keep in touch with them by offering to help them out on their projects, support their events, get them new clients, or because we have similar interests like books, films, music, or our love of eating. I see this group of people a little more because I've known them a little longer.

I've also discovered that my resume will usually get me in the door of a company if I send it cold or someone who doesn't know me well passes on my resume anyway. This is how Fortune 75 companies found me or on LinkedIn. My resume gets passed through 2 or 3 people or a hiring manager is doing a general search on LinkedIn or the job sites.

As I look for the right job, I always try to find short-term work, especially in an area I've never been exposed to so I can get more experience. Even if it's just learning a new software program, a new office phone, the corporate culture of a company, or how other departments interact with mine, I try to learn and grow and gain something!

I think the answer lies in doing all the right steps over and over again until I get to where I want to go... Keep in touch with people, go out and meet new people, read a lot of business books, and blog for a stronger online presence.

What have you tried? What has or hasn't worked? Do you have any suggestions for me? :)

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