Monday, June 13, 2011

3 More Tools for Self-Branding and Job Hunting

Lately I've been poking around online trying to see what else is out there for self-branding and job hunting.  I enjoy doing this and it helps when I volunteer or make suggestions to those I'm mentoring or friends who ask me questions.  I'm by no means an expert in social media at all.   But amongst my circle of friends and colleagues, since I love learning they usually figure I've read something about it or maybe came across it.  

Here are 3 more tools you may want to check out.

1) Tweet My Jobs - I know most of us may roll our eyes or not believe that people have found jobs through Twitter or Facebook because it seems so far-fetched and unlikely.  While it may not happen for everyone, those that genuinely care about others, helping them, and connecting with people will find themselves forging connections with strangers online.  You know how sometimes you have that random question that you wish you could find an expert or someone in the exact same boat as you to ask, but none of your immediate circle has any clue?  This is when social media plays a large role.  I had a wonderful chat with a new online friend this past weekend.  We swapped stories about interview attire.  Hi, @AllyRae!   A friend of mine got her job via a Facebook status update when she ranted "I need a job!" out of frustration.  Someone saw it and passed that along and the rest is history.  So I was skeptical too and started to Google how people used Twitter to find jobs and I came across Tweet My Jobs.  It is a site and free service to tweet out your full resume.  They also notify you of jobs in your area.  Pretty cool, eh?  Technology moves at such a fast pace it's hard to keep up with what's out there.  So maybe you'll get a job and tell me how you did it!  Is there a new telepathic message service now?

2) Snail Mail - This isn't a new program or site.  I'm actually referring to regular old snail  mail, USPS mail.  I've actually sent in my resume and cover letter to companies with open positions whenever their site was down or when a post had expired.  On a whim, I figured I would only have 44 cents to lose.  It has paid off where I got a phone call or an interview.  One HR rep actually said to me, "I wouldn't normally call, but because you mailed in your resume specifically to us, I wanted to reward that."  So believe it or not, sometimes going old school does work.  Nothing pays off like a more personal touch and reaching out in unconventional ways when everyone is updating their FB status, tweeting, emailing, and filling out online applications.  

3) About.Me - This is also a free site where in three steps you build a visually elegant splash page that points visitors to your content from around the web.  Upload a photo, write a couple of sentences, and input links to your FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, and etc.  It is a central site so you can pull into one place where everyone can see and connect with you.  In a word, brilliant.  So brilliant, AOL bought it in a heart beat.   

Relationships and networking will always be about one on one connections.  Nurturing them takes time, but it is so fun and rewarding.  Technology only helps facilitate that process along, but it also serves as a jumping off point too.  Otherwise, how else can you meet so many different types of people while eating a late night snack, in your PJs, vegging out on your couch?    


  1. Hi! :) It was nice chatting with you too!

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      Hi Ally - just wanted to say a random hello again and say thanks for being a loyal reader and commenting!