Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is The EA Role Right For You?

When I was little, I never envisioned I would become an executive assistant. I bantered around various ideas from being a photographer, teacher, newscaster, or print journalist. I just sort of fell into being an executive assistant when I graduated college and started looking for a job. I started out as a temp and figured I’d pay my dues, network, and hop to another company or department. When the Chairman/CEO’s office asked me to join their team, I said to myself, “Who says no to the CEO?!” and told myself it’d open many more doors than if I said no.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Advice from My Dad :)

Over the years, my dad has given me great career advice. He writes down all his words of wisdom and accompanied by an anecdotal story. Every now and then I ask him to send me the updated Word document. However, in light of a belated Father’s Day post, I thought I’d write something more whimsical. It dawned on me that my dad also gave me a lot of practical advice regarding food. LOL I thought I’d share those here for fun.

Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Random Things Helpful at Your Job

Over the years as I've worked for various Fortune 500 companies or C-Level executives, I've noticed a pattern of a skill set that is never written in job descriptions, but is vital. To put it succinctly, being a "tastemaker" and very aware is a very helpful skill. To be a tastemaker is to be able to spot trends and be an "early adopter" and having very good, refined taste. It comes in handy when you are setting up catered lunch meetings, giving gifts, event planning, and being a well-informed assistant. If you can't be a tastemaker, try to know a little about everything with regard to the below. If you can't do that, at least know where to find the answer, fast!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Answering Reader Mail: Your Indecisive, Forgetful, Disorganized Boss

"I have been doing very well in my new EA/Hybrid role. I work for absolutely one of the most disorganized individuals I have ever encountered. Brilliant, but horrifically disorganized. To the point where she blows the the binder system, the different color folder system, and I could go on. But the worst of them all is a lack of clarity in desired results, so that many times, we have to repeat a process 2-3 cycles before her team finally comes close to something she "may" want. HR has told me, she is the type that just wants to sign it and let me take control and its done. The issue is, I've tried this to some degree but find she is also the type that tends to quickly judge a person and dismiss a person and it depends on the day. I am sure some trust issues are there. Her favorite statement is..."It's the same old process that doesn't get any better." I believe that I can help here, but I am at odds on how to organize my day to stay on top of hers. For one thing my Executive Assistant role is a hybrid where I do a number of other items as well. But I believe support of her has become critical to the unit. How would you go about assisting "the disorganized on paper and in thought" executive?"