Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Answering Reader Mail

Hi Everyone,

Below are some questions I answer at the other site - Jobstr.com under Hollywood Executive Assistant. Don't forget to follow this blog and my entire web presence here: http://about.me/kiyomim

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What have you been asked to do by a boss that you thought was the biggest overreach? Like something that just wasn't an appropriate ask given your job description.


I can't really think of anything outlandish that was asked of me as I had pretty reasonable bosses. Keep in mind one's job description is also "no task is too big or too small." I also have a different attitude than most people toward "menial tasks." My view is whenever I am assigned less than interesting tasks, it just means my brain gets a break and I am getting WAY OVERPAID for the task I am doing, which is great! :) Here are a wide variety of duties I had to do over the years that fell under the small percentage of personal assisting or odd tasks related to my role.

-Xerox offspring's college application
-Book spa appoint for spouse
-Remind spouse of appointment & call back in 15 min when they were to leave the house
-1x/week go grocery shopping & launder a set of towels for executive kitchen & bathroom
-Cut off 500 tags from stuffed animals that were gifts
-Research hotels and storage places for family vacation or family move
-Get $300 in cash at the bank in certain denominations
-Stuff thousands of envelopes for invitations
-Drive a few blocks to get frozen yogurt
-Drive my boss to the auto mechanic

From where can I send the all important make or break "gift." Say chocolate covered espresso beans (1/2 decaf)! I view the 4th asst as the 1st, the studio head far above of course... Help?


How about from here?



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