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Company Perks and Showing Appreciation

If you’re a new reader to my site, you may not know that I also write over at under Hollywood Executive Assistant. Last week I answered two questions and will paste them below. They cover appreciation and company perks. And since we are on the topic of appreciation...

I usually try to mix it up by writing about work and also personal stuff. Granted, the work stuff is always easier to digest and apply in terms of tips and suggestions. But I like to address the personal side too. As that’s where inspiration or enlightenment strikes because of what I read, saw, or through interacting with others. I try to keep the blog mostly work related for my readers’ benefit, so I was extra delighted by the comments I’ve been getting about my personal new year’s resolutions post last time. It was such a nice reaction! Sometimes I don’t want to talk about work either, as much as I love my job and working! :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post today and find it helpful. And thank you to new readers who are following my blog! I do check my stats almost every day! I acknowledge your presence! :)

Do you have experience or ideas for encouragement and continued motivation for upper level management? Our valuable leaders don't appear on the outside to need this but I think we all need rejuvenation.

What a great question and it’s very thoughtful of you to look out for the well being of your executives and staff. I couldn't tell if you were an assistant yourself trying to motivate your boss or generally wondering about company perks and benefits. If I didn't answer your question specifically enough, please let me know!

The below ideas can be enjoyed by all staff and have been utilized at many of the offices I’ve worked in. The giver can be the CEO or anyone in the company. The below perks or extras address mind, body, and soul and can be paid for by the company or by the employee to make their life easier by the company offering a service onsite. Some ideas are free, cost effective, and some are very, very generous.

-Do whatever you can to make the executive's life easier even if it's not part of your job, especially during times of high stress and long hours
-Compliment an employee and be specific on why they are a good employee, a favorite boss, the hardest working assistant, or smartest intern, etc
-Asking for advice from a peer or someone younger or below you in the hierarchy on their opinion or something they are an expert in will make them feel valuable - maybe it's a about social media, technology, or something related to office culture
-Offer to stay late when your normally wouldn't or stay in for lunch to help out more
-Acknowledging an executive’s long hours and working weekends with a heartfelt thank you or even just saying, "You must be so tired! Let me go get your lunch, what do you want?"
-Treating an employee to lunch and mentoring
-CEOs or executives going out to pick up and buy the assistants’ or department’s lunch
-Remembering little details of an employee - favorite beverage/dish/restaurant, how they like their coffee prepared, what’s going on with their family and asking about their children or their holiday
-A public board highlighting sales #s, milestones hit, or any gesture of excellence by staff, when someone said something funny, or showcasing everyone's pets
-On site massage therapists
-On site car wash services
-On site dry cleaning
-On site food truck
-On site coffee cart
-On site yoga classes
-DVD or book library to check out items for free
-Company swag
-On site doctor
-On site haircut
-On site manicurist
-Box suites to your city’s basketball, hockey, or any sports teams
-Tickets to concerts, Disneyland, spa, hotel, airfare, or invite-only events
-Very very delicious catered lunches for office meetings
-Donut or bagel days
-A plethora of cereals, milk, snack, quick foods, and fruit
-Allowing staff to go home early or come in late
-Half days before a 3-day weekend
-Fridays off during the summer
-Offices closed from Xmas Eve to January 2nd
-Wrap parties and seasonal parties (summer, winter, etc)
-Internal craigslist type forum to sell items, find a roommate, etc
-Anonymous suggestion box
-CEOs would do quarterly breakfasts with employees chosen at random for a group of 10
-A company award with crystal “trophy” with a special dinner at an executive’s home
-Gifts for all admin assistants on that holiday
-Employee gifts during the holiday season or when a project wraps
-Cash award for anyone nominated for a job well done
-Spirit Day and raffle prizes
-Volunteer as a company
-Writing a LinkedIn recommendation or endorsing someone on LinkedIn
-Art class, language class, or guest speaker brown bag lunch series
-Employee organized and paid field trips to socialize with colleagues on the weekends
-A hallway or lobby area to showcase employee art, photography, etc.
-Employee discounts to local businesses and the performing arts
-Executive retreat or seminar based on Jim Loehr’s The Power of Full Engagement or The Power of Story
-A team of volunteers to promote a fun culture at the office with a nominal budget allocated by the company for game nights, Halloween costume contest prizes, talent shows, etc.
-On site pool table, ping pong, aquarium, nap lounge, basketball court, gym, etc
-$500 “free money” to all employees to go toward whatever hobby or interest they have whether it's sewing class, marathon fees, or a magazine subscription, whatever you are passionate about is game

I'm starting my first EA job at a high profile entertainment company next week. What tips or advice do you have to make a good impressions your first day/week/month? What are the first things you have done at a new EA job?

Congrats on the new job! I've answered similar questions in the past here and on my blog as well. The below is the link to my blog. For Dec 2012 and January 2013, I wrote a couple of posts you that you will find helpful. For older posts you can Google the ones titled: 10 tips to be a better executive assistant (parts 1-4), making a splash without changing everything, 5 random things helpful at your job if you don't have a chance to look at all the posts by next week.

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