Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - Frisbee Golf & Other Interests

I hope all of your new year’s resolutions are going well. I’ve been mixing it up myself and paying a little attention to each goal and project. I’ve also come up with new fun goals as well. I wanted to write about my little adventures so far.

I spoke about frisbee golf in an earlier post and did go one weekend with a small group. It was really fun and I will definitely go again. I wish I was stronger, but didn’t do so bad. I got my frisbee into the basket first a couple of times. Just being out in nature and walking was great too. I only wish I was stronger or knew more about technique as mine kept curving left at times almost coming right back to me! Eeeeeep!

I started to research recipes to use my oven more to bake chicken dinners or a 2 cookie chocolate chip recipe. I’m into using cauliflower or squash instead of consuming potatoes and rice. So I’ve also been comparison shopping for a food processor, mandolin slicer, and a glass baking tray. I may even buy them second-hand from my friend’s friend because they are moving soon. (I’m also fulfilling my financial goals. I re-did my W4 forms. And I will think of what else I want to achieve this year.)

I haven’t been sewing by hand lately after I did a few projects all in one month, but I have signed up for 10 classes of Hawaiian hula dancing. I really loved it when I took it a few years ago. The schedule is now at a better time so I’m very excited to return. (And I’m debating American Sign Language class. It seems fun to at least try it for a semester if the class times work out. So far they have not.)

I’ve never gone skiing before so I may tag along with some friends. Since I have no winter wardrobe I’ll have to invest in a couple of items, but I think it will be worth it. Experiences are a good investment, trying new things, challenging yourself, inner growth... All that jazz!

I’ve always loved writing, helping others, and taking photos so I’ve channeled all that interest into writing Yelp reviews. I had a huge back log of photos and places I had tried so I figured I might as well organize my thoughts and share them. Since there are no requirements it’s very fun to give your opinion and contribute to small businesses, the foodie world, and help people make decisions in a very small, but real way.

My vase of happy things is going well. It brings a level of focus and awareness to be appreciative, to look out for small delights. Very rarely I will have nothing to add but some days I have 2 or 3 items to write down. I really can’t wait to fill it up as the months go by and read them back again.

I hope you are enjoying the new year as much as I am!

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  1. Congratulations on making several "disc" baskets on your first trip out! Not any easy thing (believe me!).

    1. Carol - Thanks! I agree, it is NOT easy! Sometimes the basket would be so far or around a curve we couldn't even see it from the starting point! LOL