Friday, May 31, 2013

Answering Reader Mail / Hello, All New Readers

Hello, new readers!  I see a lot more people are following my blog here, via Twitter, and my column.  I love getting questions from readers and hearing your comments.

I got a new question from "ET" about EA responsibilities and wanting my input.  I will answer that question next week!  So look for it then!  It's a great question and I'm excited to answer it!  
Every time I get a question, I think about how I want to answer for a few days and then I respond directly on my blog, NOT to your email address.  I do keep your identity and other details anonymous, and especially so if you request it.  This year I wanted to post once a week and it takes me about 5-6 days to respond to your question.  

If you submitted the question, it's really helpful to me and the blog audience if you write an anonymous comment saying, "Thanks" or something.  This way, I know you read your answer and I can post the next question or entry.  Sometimes I worry the submitter didn't see their answer when in fact I answered it earlier.

So far, I have answered every single question submitted to me.  Below are the questions I answered and wasn't sure if folks saw their answer.  You can peruse what others have asked to see if you are in the same situation and comment if you asked the question!  Thought it might be a fun way for all the new folks to see an "archive" of a majority of the earlier submissions.

***New “rule” - when you ask me a question for anonymous advice and I answer it, could you write an anonymous comment so I know you read the post?  You can just write “Thx!” or something!  :) 

As always, I usually tweet any new posts I have. And anyone can email me questions and I respond only via this blog, not to your personal address. It usually takes me 5-6 days to answer.

I also write over at under Hollywood Executive Assistant.

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