Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Answering Reader Mail and Reader Snapshot

Hello New and Old Readers,
Many apologies that I have missed a posting.  Life has been extremely busy, but fun for both work and personal life.  I do realize I have yet to address how to interview for a 2nd assistant.  Rather than not post til I got that up, I thought I'd answer a shorter question and do something fun - give you a idea of who else reads this blog.  
This week's question at Jobstr is below.
Why do you like being an EA? I always have trouble with that question, I like entertainment and media because I like being around dynamic creative people but I don't "like" being an EA. I fell into it and happen to be good at it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

7 Tips for Working with Your ADD Boss

Hello, new readers from all over the world!  If you didn't know, I also write over at Jobstr.com under Hollywood Executive Assistant.  Here is the latest question...

My CEO is one of the nicest people but has the WORST A.D.D I have ever witnessed. I have a very hard time getting her attention or getting her to answer something that is critical. Are there some tips you can give me to get her to pay attention?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Answering Reader Mail: Career Progression, Wearing Different Hats, and Realistic Expectations

This week’s question also comes from an international/non USA reader!  They write...

“Hi there,

I just stumbled upon your blog today and am glad that I've done so!  I plan on spending some time going through your blog but was wondering if I could get your input.

I'm an EA to the President and CEO of a North American marketing agency that is growing rapidly.  I genuinely love the company I work for and have a great relationship with my executive.  We've gone from 40 head office employees to 400 across North America in the last 3 years.  When we were a smaller agency, I was the EA and Office Manager for a smaller facility.  With our growth, we've moved to a larger office and I now have a team that includes a receptionist and office admin.

I'm really interested in progressing and developing my skills but feel that managing the office is hindering my ability to focus on the core of being an EA.  I've heard of EAs who are promoted to Operations or Facilities roles later on in their careers but at this point, I am playing both roles.  I'm pushed pretty far in terms of capacity on most days - one extra board meeting or event can result in a spiral of 60 hour weeks.  At this level, do you think it's reasonable to have one person working in these two roles and expect success?  Would hate to pass up this leadership opportunity if it could mean progression for me in the future.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Anonymous please!”