Monday, August 26, 2013

Should I Still Interview Without All of the Qualifications?


I'm not sure if you check this e-mail, but I figured I would give it a shot! I have an interview next week to be a Sr. Administrative Assistant and I am super nervous! Honestly, I know I don't have all the qualifications, yet they still want to interview ME!

Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Screen & Interview 2nd Assistants (Or Any Assistant)

“I love your website. I'm a high-level EA and you verbalize everything so beautifully about "fitting in" and going with the current culture. My team has hired a second assistant who does the complete opposite. She's awful and does not work well with the team. Can you possibly write a blog piece on how to know the red flags/warning signs in an interview of a second assistant? She interviewed well! She was so pleasant, so enthusiastic. Once she was hired, she was a total nightmare and different story! I was fooled!! We are in year two and I believe my team is now ready to get rid of her. I do not work with her at all. Which was not supposed to be the case. Unfortunately, until she started to make BIG mistakes (with clients) was when it got noticed...”

Monday, August 12, 2013

15 Tips for When You Need a Break From Work

Hello, new and returning readers!  It's been an extremely busy summer for me - at work, and in my personal life.  It's evident to you when it's been almost a month that I haven't posted here.  Yikes!  All my busy-ness has been for great and good things, so that's exciting and fun, yet I still needed a break.  So, I went on vacation somewhat last minute.  The photo above is where I spent a splendid time, probably one of the best in my life!  That was the "backyard."  :)  And because I'm having trouble adjusting back to normal life, I