Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being A Phone Gatekeeper

Before I get into today's question, just wanted to say hello to my new readers and those asking questions.  I do have a couple of questions I have yet to answer, but I am thinking about my answer and will get to it!  I've been working 12+ hour days... 
"I have been asked to be a better gatekeeper over the phone. When I ask cilents on the phone to identify the reason of their calling, either they don't want to give specifics (I would rather speak to him directly or leave a voicemail if you don't mind) or when they do and it is vague, is it ok to ask more specifics? How do you push back their boundaries without hurting the clients?"

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Answering Reader Mail: The Other Assistant Isn't As Qualified - Should I Express My Interest?


I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and I find it to be incredibly entertaining and insightful.  I have a quick question that hopefully you can answer quickly, and doesn't need to be on your blog -- unless you feel someone else may benefit .

I have been an Executive Assistant for over 10 years, and am now working for a Vice President in an academic medical center.  I've worked for him for 2 years, and recently I learned his boss is being replaced.  They are bringing in a top exec from a major Fortune 500.  This person is not bringing their assistant, and I've learned they will get the assistant to her predecessor. 

This is a bad idea!  This assistant has been here for 30+ years she is not knowledgeable in Microsoft Office, not a forward thinker, not anticipatory, efficient, or effective. Her skill set it basically calendar and coffee.  Although she is really sweet, I don't believe she will cut it working for a dynamic new leader -- who from what I understand is fast paced, effective, and driven.  This person needs someone that can keep up.  I also believe this person will be on a fast track to perhaps one day become CEO.

I really would like to align myself with this new senior leader.  She is a woman and I really respect her career path and how she has climbed the ladder in a relatively short time.  I am excellent at my job and could work for any CEO -- but I am limited by the market I am in.  I also am a mom to a 9 year old, and she also has a young child so there are some similarities.

My question is -- she has not yet officially started, but will be coming in to meet with my current boss.  I would like to email her after they meet to let her know I am interested in the role.  My current boss fully supports this, and I would rather be proactive and tell her about my interest rather than applying after she goes through the messy process of terminating the other assistant.

Do you think this is a good plan? To email her expressing my interest and why I would be great in the role?

Thanks so much! And  your blog!”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Tips for Navigating LA Traffic/Etc

Hi New and Returning Readers,

I do realize I have about 6 reader questions in my queue that I need to address...  Here is a short post if you are not from here!