Sunday, February 5, 2017


Hello, Readers!  It has been forever!  I've been alive and well.  The last half of 2016 was CRAZY for me.  It's why I've been so absent from my blog.  The more I write, the harder it is to find inspiration.  I have so many ideas brewing, but not enough to churn out a post worthy of your eyes of lessons I've learned or tips to give you or any answers about life.  With the New Year, life has been about finding inspiration.  What drives me?  What burns a desire in me?  What do I want to learn about and do for free even if it went absolutely nowhere, just because I love it?  Right now, that answer seems to be sports, and not necessarily playing it, but learning about it, and writing about it.  You know me, I love learning.  I love reading.  I will read many different topics, mostly non fiction.  Many years ago, I read "random" books - Andre Agassi's OPEN.  I've never played tennis in my life.  Still, it was one of my favorite books.  I've read a couple of books about Phil Jackson and the Chicago Bulls.  I never played basketball on a team or anything.  I've been to maybe less than 10 basketball games in my life and never watch it on TV.  Yet, I'm drawn to people and teams who are successful and how people make changes and overcome.  I've also read 2 books about Tiger Woods.  The one he wrote called HOW I PLAY GOLF and one book written about him.  I found both fascinating.  Again, I've never really played golf, I've been on the driving range twice.  I was TERRIBLE.  LOL  But the great thing about life and being curious is, you can find inspiration in the most random places.  I remember reading an article or essay about a well-known advertising agent.  He's really old, I can't remember his name or where I read it, but he was responsible for the magazine cover of Muhammad Ali with arrows sticking out of him or an a cross like Jesus.  His Sunday ritual was going to the museum every weekend for inspiration.  That was his methodology.  For decades he found so many of his ideas there.  And reading, movies, art, random things, and enjoying life are my methodologies.  So I am now blogging on a THIRD site.  (Don't worry, I will also still write here about my career too.)  If you're a reader of my blog here and like my style, it's very similar.  The only difference is, my writing comes from a different lens.  It's about the intersection of life, movies, books, hope, inspiration, learning, growing, self reflection, and golf.  In the end, all my writing is about helping others, reflecting on life, and sharing my adventures both big and small.  

My New Blog (my 3rd one)


Where do you find your inspiration in the most random places?  What did you learn?  Leave me a comment below!  Tell me if you hated or loved my new blog post in that comments section or here.  And if you love my 3rd blog, please don't forget to bookmark it.  

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