Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review: Good In A Room by Stephanie Palmer


Before I explain why this is an excellent book, I'll give you some relevant background information.

I spent 6 years working directly for three well-known, high-profile, respected Chairman/CEO billionaires within the business and entertainment industries. What Stephanie writes is EXACTLY what I observed day in and day out, firsthand and up close, every single day. Her book provides the insight, rationale, and step-by-step business etiquette that most people don't have the opportunity to learn, practice, or get exposed to. I was extremely grateful and lucky in that regard. Stephanie's book closes the gap of the age old catch-22. To get invited into the room, one needs to have a lot of experience, to get experience one needs to constantly have successful meetings.

I actually finished the book in one sitting, in 4 hours, because I was that excited to read it. It was extremely well-written and could have been called "A Guide to Life" because not only is it about business acumen, but also the underlying foundation of inter and intra personal awareness. Fret not, it's written clearly, concisely, in layman's terms with a dash of humor to boot! I'm one to read at least two or three books on one topic to get a well-rounded view and to have good critiques and comparisons. As an avid reader of business and entertainment business books, this one is up there with Covey's The Speed of Trust, Goleman's Emotional Intelligence/Social Intelligence, Maxwell's 25 Ways to Win with People, Ferrazzi's Never Eat Alone, and Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management. If anything, her book surpasses theirs because this one covers the true basics and essentials that no one learns about until it's TOO LATE. She writes about the lessons no one talks about out loud because most often there is that belief that if it needs to be explained to someone they already don't "get it." You'll "get it" thoroughly after you read her book.

Good In A Room was spot on and there were even some tid bits I took away. The one I now follow religiously that I never did before takes 2 seconds. I now always answer yes to the first question one is usually asked upon arriving for a meeting. What is that first question? Stephanie taught me to always accept a beverage when they offer it to you. When you sign up for her free bi-weekly tips at her site, you'll find out why.

Happy reading and good luck! :)

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