Monday, June 18, 2012

Advice from My Dad :)

Over the years, my dad has given me great career advice. He writes down all his words of wisdom and accompanied by an anecdotal story. Every now and then I ask him to send me the updated Word document. However, in light of a belated Father’s Day post, I thought I’d write something more whimsical. It dawned on me that my dad also gave me a lot of practical advice regarding food. LOL I thought I’d share those here for fun.

1) Sushi
When eating nigiri sushi, the kind with the fish on top of the tiny rectangle of rice, most people dip the whole thing in soy sauce. The rice tends to fall apart in the soy sauce. To prevent this, my dad taught me to use my chopsticks and take the piece of fish off the rice. Then, dip it into the soy sauce on both sides, then put it back on top of the rice before consuming it.

2) Steak
When I was a kid, I had a hard time cutting steak and for whatever reason would cut in parallel lines and make little rectangles of meat. My dad showed me how to always cut the meat at an angle so you end up with triangle pieces of meat instead. It’s much easier to cut that way.

3) Boiled Eggs
To peel a boiled or baked egg (look up baking an egg on pinterest), my dad taught me this nifty trick. Take the egg and gently bang the top of the egg and the bottom of it against the counter. Next, the put the egg on the counter on its side. Place your hand gently on top of it and roll it back and forth, much like you do with dough and a rolling pin, except your hand is the rolling pin in this case and the egg is the dough. Now your egg shell is cracked everywhere. You can run it under some water and start peeling from the bottom, wider portion of the egg and then the shell should come off more easily.

I hope you found these tips helpful! :)

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Dad!


  1. Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant (continued...)

    1) Breathe. Just Breathe

    2) Eat a cookie. It won't help but it will taste as sweet as honey. (In the future, may change this to eating honey)

    3) Beat yourself up. You should have gotten that Master's degree Therefore the situation you now find yourself in is 100% your own fault.

    4) Dress Well. If you can't beat them, at least you can look better then them.

    5) The best thing you can do when supporting a highly disorganized, high powered and emotional executive is know that there are many assistant that they fired before you. So yes, the shoes are big to fill, the good news is, no one has filled them nor can they and keep their sanity at the same time. So either way you win. Winning!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading my blog! :) All brilliant points! I'd like to think 90% of everything is your fault, I think the last 10% life is really hard and unfair. :( But one always creates their own luck! :D Also, IMHO, not everyone needs a Master's degree especially if one will go deep into debt for it. Hope you have a great day!

    The Muser at Musings of High Level Executive Assistant :)