Saturday, October 3, 2009

Google Voice: Wave of the Future & Love at First Sight

I love Google. I FINALLY got my new Google Voice number. It's invite only and low and behold, I got home late last night and saw in my Google mail box that I was granted to pick my own phone number! After searching for a really long time (an hour), I finally picked the perfect number. I'm very pleased as it has meaning and is easy for me to remember, and should be for those that know me well! ;)

I played with my Google Voice account for a couple of hours. Testing it, seeing how it worked, reading online about all the cool features. I am just blown away by the speed, reliability, innovation, and endless possibilities. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

For those of you unfamiliar with Google Voice, it's a free service where you can pick your own phone number that will ring any of your other phones - cell, home, work, etc... so that people don't have to try calling you at all your different numbers or keep updating their address books any time you move. All voicemails are transcribed to emails and you can keep them forever!

They also have a widget feature online so people can call you directly without you having to reveal your phone number. Just embed the widget on your business website, blog, or personal home page. People can call you directly without your privacy or safety being in danger. (You can pick an area code anywhere in the USA even if you don't live there.)

There are so many features that I haven't even explored yet - conference calls, switching phones in the middle of call, and perhaps even doing your laundry! ;)

Get your Google Voice number now! You don't want to have to buy one off eBay for $1000, now do you?

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