Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Tips for Navigating LA Traffic/Etc

Hi New and Returning Readers,

I do realize I have about 6 reader questions in my queue that I need to address...  Here is a short post if you are not from here!  

1.  For every 5-7 miles, allot about 30 min-45min of travel time during traffic on the local or surface streets.  1 hour to 1.5 hours on the freeways for 10-15 miles during traffic.  But there is always traffic.  Taking side streets like Fountain, alley ways, or other non major streets do shave off minutes from your commute.  Also, allot time to find parking and to where you need to be if you're not valeting.

2.  When you are turning left, a max of 3 cars should turn while it is yellow or shortly after it turns red.  Otherwise, if you are expecting to be able to turn while it is green, that will never happen because there is so much bumper to bumper traffic at peak times.

3.  There is no “central hub” or landmark of LA that ties the city together.  They are only little pockets everywhere of really cool neighborhoods and things to see.  

4.  You really need a car to get everywhere.  Sure you can ride the bus, metro, or cab it, but a car will be much more reliable and convenient when everything is so spread out and traffic is rampant.

5.  If you like being outdoors, hiking at Runyon Canyon or on other mountain ranges are good options.  To walk, window/shop or dine, there’s the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, the Grove in West Hollywood, Universal City walk in Universal City, Walk of Fame/Stars at Hollywood and Highland, Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and Downtown Disney in Anaheim/OC.  There are no shortage of malls or strip malls in LA either.

6.  Parking is not completely free.  Malls and structures will have the first 2-3 hours free and if you go to the movies you get an extra hour or two free.  Valet can be anywhere from $3-$20, most often it is about $6.  Be careful when you park at a meter or in residential areas.  The signs can be quite confusing about the hours you need a permit, are allowed to stop/park, or when the meter is free.  

7.  Keep your eyes peeled as you may see celebrities!  Many do live in Beverly Hills, the Valley, and frequent regular businesses.

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