Saturday, March 18, 2017

On Work / Life Balance and Supporting Those You Love

Dear Readers,

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm an introvert and I like routine/being consistent more often than not.  Being introverted doesn't mean I'm shy or I dislike being around people.  Rather, it means that I tend to get drained very quickly when I go out and socialize for too long of a period.  I need a lot of down time and quiet surroundings to feel re-energized and to feel like myself again.  And the routine part means that I like being mindful with how I spend my time and am methodical about it.

Like almost everyone, regardless of profession, I struggle with work / life balance.  And most often in life, my largest struggles center around knowing the sweet spot of when is something too much versus too little.  At what point is something acceptable vs unacceptable?  Where do I draw the line?  Much of the time this also might look like a struggle between head and heart, logic and desire.  This, of course, not only affects me, but also those around me, especially my loved ones.

I wrote the following post at my 3rd blog site about how I've come to view work / life balance, my needs, in relation to others, their need for it, and how I support them.  If you read all the way through, you'll see that this post is relatable to anyone regardless of the lens I filter my personal story through.  And if I'm being really honest, it means the post was written as a reminder to myself when I I'm doing too much of one thing vs what I really should be doing.

I hope you head over there to read it:

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  1. One of the best ways I know to find that balance is to have a find a trusted advisor: someone to cry with over catastrophes, celebrate successes and be a sounding board for those brave new ideas that feel just a little bit risky. A committed mentor or co-mentor can help you stay balanced while also staying on track toward your goals.

    Unfortunately, this sort of mentoring is too rare in the world of administrative professionals, but it's slowly changing.

    1. Muser at Musings of a High Level Executive AssistgantJune 16, 2017 at 10:51 AM

      Tara - Thank you so much for this comment. I agree that having a mentor is great. They are so hard to find. I think the second best thing is to find a community of EAs which is usually a networking or professional group. Whether online or in person, having that support group really helps, even if it can't be one on one. You're right in that it's a growing trend in the admin world to get a mentor so I hope more companies are on board. I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for being a reader!